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Visual communication

These days it is pretty popular to message use emoji. It’s kinda strange to think that people use a lot emoji rather than possible words but you can see why when you realise you can express things that are hard to express in words or add an “emotion” to something.

But when you think about it, words seem to limit you in the ways of thinking and expressing, you may have to substitute with another word to fit a unique seeming situation that doesn’t have a word (or maybe just borrow from another language I guess like what Japanese do a lot). There is research that suggests that through different language compared to each other, each one might limit or influence the thinking of those who use the language.

Art can express many different things that you may require many words to express or find hard to write in words and it can be amazing what you can see compared to what can be written, plus anyone (who is human usually) can understand it. Kind of “actions are more powerful than words”. Slient comics can also show that interesting things can be expressed without words.

The problem (which is easy to spot) is the openess to interpretation and the lack of directness of pictures such as emoji. Different people can attribute different meanings to them or misinterpret them. Also you can’t really write an essay or write about anything serious as you aren’t being precise. But visual communication can be useful and sometimes, even better. Well at least I enjoy it and in fact I think it is pretty cool.. as long as you use words too. 


photo credit: Ben Lawson via photopin cc


Thinking about life, what makes it worth living?

How is life made worth living? There are many people who don’t know what to do with their life and stay in watch T.V. or feel like their have something missing. What can you do to find out what you need to do in your life? It’s simple – yet hard to put into effect, I think the most important thing is exploration.

You can explore yourself and the world around you in many ways.


photo credit: blmiers2 via photopin cc

Self exploration can be done by journalling, or by arts (not just drawing or painting) and thinking. You could explore in ways such as by reading or talking to others, or challenging your comfort zone by doing things you wouldn’t normally do. However there can be things that prevent you from doing these things such as fear, being addicted to comfort or in other ways not be able to do something, maybe just because you don’t have the resources or the time. It can be so good to explore in different ways, however it’s probably best to take small steps at a time but without giving up too quickly.

This is my first post, I would love it if you could tell me what you think below if you liked it or not and what you found interesting/could be improved. I am experimenting with styles right now 😀