Monthly Archives: August 2014

Language can be limiting sometimes

So sometimes I sit and think of which words I can use to describe a certain something, but I just can’t find them. Many words aren’t specific enough, or have certain “stereotypes” or connotations attached to them that wouldn’t be there if you didn’t put that experience or thought into words. It is hard to just make up words and just use them though I suppose onamatopia type words could be made but otherwise in most cases it isn’t very easy to, but you could “borrow” a foreign word, use another word in a slang type way etc.

If you speak a different language sometimes you will find there are lots of useful words in that language that don’t exist in another and vice versa. Also the culture in which you speak that language may have different connotations attached to the words though I don’t know if those would actually affect anyone if they were speaking that language not where it is normally spoken though often language can come with culture (but then language may even shape the way people think).

Language is needed but sometimes I wish it was easier and more flexible to use. It would be nicer if language evolved more quickly and was more open with the ways you can construct sentences (but hopefully fairly straightforward and not too hard to learn at least at the basic level.)