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Introducing Lemurdog

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Just to let you now Lemurdog is my Fursona/mascot that I thought I would just introduce for fun. Also known as “Bayleaf”. I drew this using a mouse hence the wobbliness of the drawing. I guess my fursona is supposed to represent me a little ha.


Life and the place of work

A large majority of people are basically expected to work in boring repetitive jobs to earn money (excluding certain types of jobs/careers such as those in the entertainment industry, entrepreneurs etc.) I may be young, inexperienced and naive  due to my lack of experience because I don’t exactly know a large amount what it is like to “live in the real world” or whatever. Though I do question the reason why (Most) people can’t do work that is fueled by their true passions and interests and not mainly financial reasons.

Specializing too much is something that I really hate and not just dislike. Sure, it is important to stay focused on the task at hand, however I think that having many different interests means that you have a broader view of the world. The more things you “know” (although you can’t truly know anything in one sense) the more you can combine your knowledge you gained from different sources to gain new understandings and insights. Some people can “escape the rat race” and create their own job although that can require a large amount of work it could be a good alternative if it is successful though it can cause a lot of stress to attempt and may only be successful after many failures.

Also sitting at a computer everyday to do my work is something that I wouldn’t like to do even I love computers and I even enjoy programming to some extent (though I don’t know much since it wasn’t taught much at schools until recently in the UK and I wasn’t taught it at school). For obvious reasons, sitting at a computer too long can be very unhealthy although with the rise in the use of technology this is perhaps inevitable..

In addition it seems crazy how much money some people make from their jobs; what do they really do with this wealth and does it make them happy? Sure you can reinvest it into a great project of some sort or donate to a good cause but a large amount is wasted on luxury items or just hoarded and kept. Happiness is something that comes from within and isn’t something you can buy although of course there are some objects that can make your life better that are not just bare essentials such as access to a computer, books, a car etc.

To go a little off topic it is  funny (and sad) how “Back in 1930, Keynes predicted that the working week would be drastically cut, to perhaps 15 hours a week, with people choosing to have far more leisure as their material needs were satisfied.” but today people still work so hard.

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The importance of: not caring about what others think about you and being true to yourself

Many people act desperately to try to gain other peoples approval and therefore act in ways that they think other people would like instead of how they would genuinely like to act. Being genuinely true to yourself requires you to stop conforming and following others. This requires courage and overcoming the fear that you may come off as weird, strange or unnatural. Everyone is unique in their own way and although some people may think they are happier by acting fake, just for peoples’ approval or to fit in a certain group (e.g. at a school) or even just to make friends; by being fake you are probably not acting how you would truly want to deep down. This includes disagreeing with what people say sometimes and saying things some people may disapprove of although of course sometimes it is best not to say anything or to tone down what you are saying as you still need to be sensitive of other peoples’ opinions.

  • Ninety percent of the world’s woe comes from people not knowing themselves, their abilities, their frailties, and even their real virtues. Most of us go almost all the way through life as complete strangers to ourselves.–Sydney J. Harris
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