Monthly Archives: December 2015

Question about time

There is a good argument to keep looking at your mobile phone all the time and not always having it on as it is a distraction. Can this apply to other things as well such as watches. Is constantly checking the time actually preventing you from living in the present moment and focusing on whats there? That is an important question to ask.

Time is something that seems to keep you confined in a certain way, I guess a bit like a box but one that seems to change some ways overtime without you being completely free from the box. I’m not saying ignore time but to enjoy what is around you before its gone.


If things were simple

Some things aren’t so simple. Some things need to be read over and over again, requiring you to try and understand what it means exactly. Other times you really want to make something cool and interesting e.g. like DIY table or whatever (lol) and yet it is very complicated how to do so. Problem solving is an important skill and so is persistence…