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The furries and being yourself

Anthropomorphism is nothing weird and considered a innate human characteristic. The furry fandom is all about anthro-animals, often these people have fursonas. Some people see the furry fandom as a way of expressing themselves. There maybe many who are not identifying with their own gender, stereotypes, have a differing sexuality or are different in another sense. Of course there may be people in the fandom for other reasons too. But as the number of LGBT+ type people/ alternatives in the fandom suggests this is a large factor.

There are some people may go as far as saying she/he is a otherkin or a therian or perhaps even transpecies (well I see the word around I don’t know if anyone identifies with it). This is technically not part of the fandom but some people may be a furry and also identify with one of these labels though I would say they don’t really make much sense. But its understandable that animals help people get to know themselves better and have a sense of identity. A person doesn’t necessarily have to look like a human, but still can be.






critique of feminism

Since women gained more legal rights moved on to focus on other areas of inequality. Sure there is much inequality everywhere cases of rape, domestic violence and work place inequality (well depends on the job). To be fair many of the statements made may be true and I would agree with. But this movement can be heavily criticised depending on which type of feminism, I will just generalise here. These are just thoughts and not facts please don’t take them at face value. I may of made some mistakes or misleading statements etc.
1 double standards sexually objectifying men is ok, domestic violence against men is ignored.
2 femininity is bad?
no they never say it is bad but the fact is the idea of developing masculine qualities is emphasised. this may be good but we need balance, and the good points of femininity need to be emphasised sometimes
Also it depends upon the person what you do in life so a movement telling you what to do is silly. And its important to encourage everyone both genders (and inbetween) to embrace a good balance of these supposed qualities of feminine and masculine. We are aiming for a good balance in all individuals and a better society. If anything equalism is better although of course nothing is 100% equal so the term could still be misleading.
3 need to be tough and head of a cooperation. Well the idea of ruling with strength is all around us, how about a little more “ruling with kindness”. Some feminists may encourage this of course. But the fact is that the people who are in supporting roles are ignored, is supporting bad is it really weaker? Sometimes we need to look below to see something special in a good sense. (And really everyone is special) And the idea that wow women are weak and can’t do things is always implied.
4 men are oppressors? Sure this may be the case in many cases but not always are the weaker ones the victims or the victims may be victimising themselves. They may pretend to be weak to get attention. Also it is in your own strength to stand for yourself this may be seen in feminism sometimes but not enough.
5 What is gender? Those who have qualities inbetween, opposite/different are ignored.
6 the movement ignores those in other countries who are oppressed seriously.
I will add more when I think of some perhaps
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