Monthly Archives: July 2016

Hot days

It’s another extremely hot (for UK that is) day. But its great to have some sunshine for once, I guess we’re very deprived here >< It’s too hot to move it seems.. more ice cream I guess.


The world

Sometimes the idea of becoming disillusioned with the world comes to my mind.

But what do I even mean by this?

Quoting  Merriam-Webster dictionary website


“having lost faith or trust in something : disappointed that something is not as good, valuable, true, etc., as it had seemed”

So I guess its like a false promise that the world brings. That it’s meant to be better but it doesn’t hold up to expectations etc.

People think oh life was better when i was younger without the harsh realities and similar.

Now I think society as it is.. well I guess there is plenty of room for improvement. A few things come to mind.

Popular culture has shallowness with celebrity cults sorta like idols to focus yourselves away. Creativity isn’t valued so much, maybe because it doesn’t seem to be as practical and more novel. Now that not necessarily true at least in all cases. Creativity can be used to think up solutions to problems and bring change. Though I guess people fear change. Plus those above don’t want to lose power. Consumerism of course wants people to buy things to feel supposed needs.

Other key issues include environmental destruction, loss of connection, laziness through technology, inequality and you get the idea.

It’s not good to dwell on it too much either but there are many things that seem wrong. But of course most of these things a human created problems. The environment itself may have natural disasters but we have the technology to prevent them. We treat the environment like something to take advantage of and yes we can use it but balance is necessary.

I guess the solution is that people come to get and find a way to address problems at the root. Rather than just on the surface.