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Abstract forms and nature

We can see everything as abstract forms. The abstract components that make up life become connected, or you could say these abstract entities become stringed together. However I wouldn’t say these are real at all. Just another ‘fake’ way of seeing things but interesting at least.

We can see also that in the same way that people seem to function collection of objects, places can gain a sense of body where different parts become specialised over others and work together. Also these things form connections with other things and interlink. Nothing is not linked in someway even if indirectly.

We can see people as having different frequencies different skews different -orientations-
abstract wavelengths that do and reach different states and equilibriums of some kind (balanced or imbalanced).
When organisation is added to this chaos gives power to a controlled enity unit.
This organisation great and powerful and has far reach and power as it travels through and connects its components. This strength is good but can be harmful in removing independence and overtly controlling ‘the other’. Freedom of thought is important and to do what you want to do without always having others dictate this so you can take your own flow with things, even though influence from others can be useful too in some cases to change your direction.

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Architectural forms and cities

Different buildings are often created to represent certain ideas or evoke certain feelings intentionally or not. Looking at this idea of architectural forms representing peoples ideas feelings, certain shapes such as circles can be relaxing whereas sharp corners have a more menacing edge.

We can also look at interesting shape buildings like the ‘cheesegrater’ in the UK, the gherkin and the walkie talkie.These shapes embody certain ideas and forms. Or an building with columns add some kind of importance or significance to a building some how as they support it.

Another interesting idea is how we project feelings on to cityscapes, for example the vapourwave aesthetic may use imagery from Tokyo. A dreamy idea of something far of and a sort of blending into the city.


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Notice the beauty of things

Take a moment to look at what’s around you. The wonders, the beauty of life. The colours and textures; the sensations and the sounds.

Look everywhere indoors and out. Look carefully. Look at the sky, the horizon and the land. There is always something wonderful, if you can see it, even the darkest moments may have something within them.

Introducing Lemurdog

hey nice to meet youclick on comic to enlarge

(then press back when your done)

Just to let you now Lemurdog is my Fursona/mascot that I thought I would just introduce for fun. Also known as “Bayleaf”. I drew this using a mouse hence the wobbliness of the drawing. I guess my fursona is supposed to represent me a little ha.

Visual communication

These days it is pretty popular to message use emoji. It’s kinda strange to think that people use a lot emoji rather than possible words but you can see why when you realise you can express things that are hard to express in words or add an “emotion” to something.

But when you think about it, words seem to limit you in the ways of thinking and expressing, you may have to substitute with another word to fit a unique seeming situation that doesn’t have a word (or maybe just borrow from another language I guess like what Japanese do a lot). There is research that suggests that through different language compared to each other, each one might limit or influence the thinking of those who use the language.

Art can express many different things that you may require many words to express or find hard to write in words and it can be amazing what you can see compared to what can be written, plus anyone (who is human usually) can understand it. Kind of “actions are more powerful than words”. Slient comics can also show that interesting things can be expressed without words.

The problem (which is easy to spot) is the openess to interpretation and the lack of directness of pictures such as emoji. Different people can attribute different meanings to them or misinterpret them. Also you can’t really write an essay or write about anything serious as you aren’t being precise. But visual communication can be useful and sometimes, even better. Well at least I enjoy it and in fact I think it is pretty cool.. as long as you use words too. 


photo credit: Ben Lawson via photopin cc