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Sometimes it is interesting to think about how different people think about the same thing differently. One example I learnt for geography at uni (which is quite an interesting example from the geo perspective so I will repeat it and add to it) was how someone could see a forest or woodland in different ways. It could be seen as a resource, or a place of biodiversity, or a place where you can go on walks or outdoor pursuits or a place of memories or somewhere isolated at night.

photo credit: _opia via photopin (license)

photo credit: _opia via photopin (license)

Perception of course varies more than that. As I mentioned previously on this blog language is one thing the affects perception e.g. how you see colours. But there are of course physical differences in people that will affect how somebody sees something, Synesthesia (wikipedia link) is one interesting occurrence in some people.


Selected fragments of posts from older blog edited (slightly)

1 Originality, I think is creating something based on your own thinking and ideas.
You can create new things from mixing pre-existing things and you can use inspirations.
Just because someone has made something slightly similar doesn’t mean your creation isn’t original.

And also anyone can be original.
Being original could be seen as quite important, as it means you aren’t just imitating the people around you or using old ideas and traditional ways of thinking, its shows your unique way of thinking and creativity :3

2 self-actualization could be defined as:

Having freedom from cultural expectations, being able to be true to yourself including having gone through considerable personal development, and gaining a broader, deeper and clearer understanding of life. If that still doesn’t make sense it is basically about fufilling your real needs and not doing things just because others do like a sheep.
Different people may achieve self-actualization in different ways the main things are to maintain your awareness and understanding push boundaries and overcome fears. I think about how different people act at certain times and try to understand the underlying reason.

It is interesting how people have such different ways of thinking yet many people do try to conform to others. People seem to be so individual and unique yet I don’t know if they express this enough. Self-actualization is through a process of discovery and doesn’t happen overnight (and it is continuous) and is something that is up to the person to experiment and decide what works for them.

3 Will energy ever be sustainable?
The world relies on fossil fuels which will run out eventually with supplies of coal, oil and natural gas being only low however there is also the issue of the use of fossil fuels causing the enhanced greenhouse effect and leading to global warming. I think it wouldn’t be possible to live in space if earth becomes inhabitable.
Every energy source has its drawbacks.

Like Wind power which the UK wants to use it to help it achieve its target of generating 10 per cent of electricity with renewable sources. These wind farms face large opposition from others as they have harmful effects on wildlife and they cost a lot to make in the first place.

The better solution would be to save energy use by using the well-known ways of saving energy such as turning of appliances when not used and saving on carrier bags. Recycling helps the environment too although it is important to use less materials in the first place and reuse. Maybe something more innovative needs to be done? This could be like making cities more eco-friendly such as in Curitiba where they have many parks and a complex bus system which is very cheap and attractive to people.
Surveys could be used to find out which areas the most energy is used and how the energy is used and reduce them in these areas by taking specific action. This is probably already commonly done, but the more we know about how energy is used the more we can take specific action. Right now the current economic problems between countries seem to be a priority however

I posted on a couple of other topics too, including whether comparing the idea of being an only child with having siblings, being an only child is often thought as a negative but could have benefits as it helps you to develop your own creativity.


Happy new year everyone! Each and every new year signifies both an end and a new beginning.The new year can be a good time for change hence people have new years resolutions, but it is also great to look back at what has already passed. Let’s not forget that everyday is a good time for change as everyday is a new beginning and every moment you experience is technically new.

Some of the most interesting things that have happened in the world in 2014 in my opinion include…. oh wait I can’t really remember what happened last year exactly ha ha. I will look them up later. For me 2014 has been pretty eventful.