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The fire within consumes all

The fire that burns inside. It burns all. Things change. Things begin anew.  Let go of the old.


Changing the world is everyday

“Hey I enjoy making a difference to the world don’t you?” I want to change the world may be an overused statement in some ways or a wish that is not achieved. But of course life is an ever changing experience in which everyone is able to create some kind of change in so in one sense everyone is making a difference to the world by just being there.

Rather than following others create your own culture, express your own views. There are many ways to get creative out there and that doesn’t just include creating things traditionally thought of as art. You can still entertain yourself without always going back to tv. Entertain can mean “to give attention or consideration to (an idea, suggestion, or feeling)” and you do not need tv to do that.

Best to mostly avoid the status quo as it is full of followers, be a lion and not a sheep. Stand for yourself.

Try out new things, the best way is to go out into the world and explore. For that you may need to overcome fear, laziness and self limiting beliefs but it is worth it.

People naturally influence others around them and by standing for yourself you naturally make the world a better place. Your worth isn’t determined by what others think of you (though it is still good to treat others well of course). It is cool to be true to who you are.


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Too much repetition in music

A large amount of music released in recent times have many repetitive notes in and are often about things like drugs, discos, desire etc. And they are very similar to each other. I just think, aren’t people bored of this stuff already?

photo credit: April via photopin (license)

photo credit: April via photopin (license)

Could this be reflecting the way many peoples lives lacking in variation hence repetition and being centered around shallow activities?  But maybe more so being about trying to numb out inner feelings with consuming music. Like that drum like rhythm that is similar in a way to hypnosis.  For some music can even become an addiction even if it is a mild one. And with more music like the type I mentioned more people are influenced into such lifestyles however small the influence may be.

Since music often had more variation within it, i’m I trying to say peoples lives were more varied in the past? Perhaps not. But I would say that at least people were not so into numbing their minds going to bars all the time and doing activities that are mind numbing. I’m sure in the past more people were in touch with nature and you can see how there is much music that reflects nature.

Though I think one of the biggest problems with today’s music is perhaps though how less money is around for music. So music producers are going to concentrate on making music they know they can sell, which pop music does quite well at.

Music is best when the composer is in line with themselves but this is quite hard to do when the composer is competing for fame.

Perhaps though it is really more about those who want the music that are leading to such music being created. As long as there is demand there will always be a supply of this type of music.

But of course there is music out there with much more variety, if you look (Perhaps not too much on the music charts). Although what music you like will be ultimately down to what kind of person you are right now and so the types of music people like varies greatly between people in the same way as there is a great variety of different people in the world.

Life and the place of work

A large majority of people are basically expected to work in boring repetitive jobs to earn money (excluding certain types of jobs/careers such as those in the entertainment industry, entrepreneurs etc.) I may be young, inexperienced and naive  due to my lack of experience because I don’t exactly know a large amount what it is like to “live in the real world” or whatever. Though I do question the reason why (Most) people can’t do work that is fueled by their true passions and interests and not mainly financial reasons.

Specializing too much is something that I really hate and not just dislike. Sure, it is important to stay focused on the task at hand, however I think that having many different interests means that you have a broader view of the world. The more things you “know” (although you can’t truly know anything in one sense) the more you can combine your knowledge you gained from different sources to gain new understandings and insights. Some people can “escape the rat race” and create their own job although that can require a large amount of work it could be a good alternative if it is successful though it can cause a lot of stress to attempt and may only be successful after many failures.

Also sitting at a computer everyday to do my work is something that I wouldn’t like to do even I love computers and I even enjoy programming to some extent (though I don’t know much since it wasn’t taught much at schools until recently in the UK and I wasn’t taught it at school). For obvious reasons, sitting at a computer too long can be very unhealthy although with the rise in the use of technology this is perhaps inevitable..

In addition it seems crazy how much money some people make from their jobs; what do they really do with this wealth and does it make them happy? Sure you can reinvest it into a great project of some sort or donate to a good cause but a large amount is wasted on luxury items or just hoarded and kept. Happiness is something that comes from within and isn’t something you can buy although of course there are some objects that can make your life better that are not just bare essentials such as access to a computer, books, a car etc.

To go a little off topic it is  funny (and sad) how “Back in 1930, Keynes predicted that the working week would be drastically cut, to perhaps 15 hours a week, with people choosing to have far more leisure as their material needs were satisfied.” but today people still work so hard.

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