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Giving and taking

Exchanges continously happen in life between people or things. People give and take all the time. When we buy things for example this is quite an obvious form of exchange represented through money. Gift giving is another. Also when friends help each other though not always equally. There are other examples however relating to how we take things in the enviroment and how we give back though unfortunately people often take too much.

Even breathing is a form of exchange. It is important to see how interlinked everything really is and I think if more people recognised this then we would treat the enviroment better.



Untangle the emotional feelings that are tightly tied together, holding in. release them, understand them. express them fully. examine the relations you have and let go when you need to, don’t hold onto the rope when you don’t need to, be loose, be free. know you worth it. that you are great. that you can hold yourself.


When you lose interest

I had an interesting thought. When I lose interest is a class, discipline it is often not that I have learnt all I can (which is sometimes the case however) but that I don’t get to learn in my own way, apply my own techniques or ideas and take things forward in a way that I want to. Therefore I become isolated from the group just like what happens often with me in group work. I lose the passion that brought me to the subject to the first place and I disengage; losing touch with important ideas and feelings. Of course sometimes I write something and I forget how I was thinking and feeling when I wrote something so time itself can make you lose touch as well (which is why it is important to write down ideas clearly). It can be sad to say goodbye to something you thought you has much passion in but maybe its not too late to revisit it.

When fear hides your potential

How many times have you not done something purely due to the fact you were scared? It is a challenge to overcome fear, but the fact is it is a block to doing so many different things from tasks you need to do to things that will make your life better. Not only is fear irrational but it is a thing that manifests time and time again until you get rid of the source. Are there any specific methods in overcoming it? Well yes I’m not sure exactly, but awareness of your the fear can help, evaluating it by asking yourself questions and figuring out the source of the fear too. Also there is the advice of taking directing action and facing your fears or small steps such as drawing a picture of your fear etc. Just see that fear is an irrational response and counteract any fearful thoughts.

In fact it is fear that ensures that you won’t be true to yourself. Society itself is full of it, from groups which scare people into joining, types conformity encouraged as people are to scared to be true to themselves and the fear of change for the better (fear of unknown).


photo credit: Hunter via photopin (license)