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Healthy balancing

Often with a diet too much of anything is bad for you and it becomes an issue of balance. You want certain proportions of certain vitamins. This can vary on what activities you do, your genetics, enviroment etc.

So you have to balance it with many things, there is some leeway here of course and your body can cope with many abuses.

Another issue is what form you take something in. Taking refined sugar is much stronger as it is pure. Drinking juices which are in smoothie form are better than pure juice because of the way the smoothie contains bits helps the body to process the drink. With soy it’s more healthy to eat the fermented products though the non fermented products can be minimally good too well depending where you get them from and what your body can take.

The interesting thing is the idea of too much of anything can be applied to life generally too.



When things blend into each other, like a dream like reality. Things seem to be real and yet not. You see it but is it really there. Are you awake? Or are you dreaming.


Untangle the emotional feelings that are tightly tied together, holding in. release them, understand them. express them fully. examine the relations you have and let go when you need to, don’t hold onto the rope when you don’t need to, be loose, be free. know you worth it. that you are great. that you can hold yourself.


The case against materialism

Materialistic lifestyles are encouraged in a culture which thrives on consumerism.


In a capitalistic society ideas get marketed as products and physical items. We go beyond the need to just buy the necessities plus perhaps the occasional luxuries and buy into all these products. It’s for the lifestyle it brings and the social status. Its these beliefs and views we gain that we want

We can look in ourselves and ideas within rather than buy stuff to fulfil a non-physical need or void in us. We can look to societal/intellectual constructs to help us in life which you could say as certain bits forms/aspects of “culture”. Although people say that culture is brainwashing. Yes many aspects are so to be avoided e.g. tv shows promoting ideologies of how to act in a subtle way without you even noticing. However some forms of music and art that a generated from cultural ideas are very interesting to look at. We can say experiences we gain are important because we learn from them that includes visiting new places (or old places again too of course).


Saying all this sometimes items do have a purpose in life, such as creative purposes or as non necessary tools its just when people try and use it to directly fill a void in their life or overly consume. More stuff doesn’t directly lead to happiness although yes some stuff is very useful and good or can lead to cool opportunities and fun things. Or intellectual stimulation.



The furries and being yourself

Anthropomorphism is nothing weird and considered a innate human characteristic. The furry fandom is all about anthro-animals, often these people have fursonas. Some people see the furry fandom as a way of expressing themselves. There maybe many who are not identifying with their own gender, stereotypes, have a differing sexuality or are different in another sense. Of course there may be people in the fandom for other reasons too. But as the number of LGBT+ type people/ alternatives in the fandom suggests this is a large factor.

There are some people may go as far as saying she/he is a otherkin or a therian or perhaps even transpecies (well I see the word around I don’t know if anyone identifies with it). This is technically not part of the fandom but some people may be a furry and also identify with one of these labels though I would say they don’t really make much sense. But its understandable that animals help people get to know themselves better and have a sense of identity. A person doesn’t necessarily have to look like a human, but still can be.