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Four leaf clovers, five leaf clovers

I’ve found a lot of four leaf and five leaf clovers before. But recently i’ve found a lot more in a specific field. On one day I found 5 four leaf clovers, and 1 five leaf clover. I thought that was pretty good and I took them home. On another day I decided to look around the same field again.  Amazingly there were loads and loads of four leaf clovers all growing there around the same sort of area. After collecting what I could hold I got 21 four leaf clovers and 8 five leaf clovers. Crazy. I didn’t find any six leaf clovers though (yet).

How to find four leaf and five leaf clovers

Walk through and spend some time looking at clovers, such as in fields etc. Keep a keen eye out. When you find what looks like might be a four leaf clover have a closer look and touch it to see. Often you may see three leaf clovers stuck to each other, which can be deceiving. But after looking around a lot you may be lucky and find a four leaf clover. Once you find one four leaf clover you will tend to find more of them around each other, and maybe a few five leaf ones too. So keep looking around once you located one.



Abstract forms and nature

We can see everything as abstract forms. The abstract components that make up life become connected, or you could say these abstract entities become stringed together. However I wouldn’t say these are real at all. Just another ‘fake’ way of seeing things but interesting at least.

We can see also that in the same way that people seem to function collection of objects, places can gain a sense of body where different parts become specialised over others and work together. Also these things form connections with other things and interlink. Nothing is not linked in someway even if indirectly.

We can see people as having different frequencies different skews different -orientations-
abstract wavelengths that do and reach different states and equilibriums of some kind (balanced or imbalanced).
When organisation is added to this chaos gives power to a controlled enity unit.
This organisation great and powerful and has far reach and power as it travels through and connects its components. This strength is good but can be harmful in removing independence and overtly controlling ‘the other’. Freedom of thought is important and to do what you want to do without always having others dictate this so you can take your own flow with things, even though influence from others can be useful too in some cases to change your direction.

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World as an extention of the body or self/world as a unifed whole

Do you see yourself completely separate from nature and the world overall?

The body is an exchange of things so is life in general. Countries exchange culture, ideas and physical goods. Nature works in a interlinked system.

So perhaps one (many others) useful way of looking at the world is an extension of the self? The world can also be seen as one unified whole and body.

Enjoying nature, walking and..

Walking through the forest and seeing the birds in the trees, the light that is scattered through the leaves and the bright clear sky. When you hear and see the cold breeze move autumn leaves along and when you watch the time go from day to night.  When your sitting on the open hills to watch the clouds move slowly and gently. When you walk along not knowing exactly where your going to end up but feel an exciting thrill about it. When you do not know what tomorrow will bring. When you feel as if the seasons are changing from autumn to winter gradually.