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When you lose interest

I had an interesting thought. When I lose interest is a class, discipline it is often not that I have learnt all I can (which is sometimes the case however) but that I don’t get to learn in my own way, apply my own techniques or ideas and take things forward in a way that I want to. Therefore I become isolated from the group just like what happens often with me in group work. I lose the passion that brought me to the subject to the first place and I disengage; losing touch with important ideas and feelings. Of course sometimes I write something and I forget how I was thinking and feeling when I wrote something so time itself can make you lose touch as well (which is why it is important to write down ideas clearly). It can be sad to say goodbye to something you thought you has much passion in but maybe its not too late to revisit it.


Decision making

Decision making is an important skill. Sometimes you have to make a decision to move on from something even though you don’t know what decision to make. Sure before you make that decision you may feel like there are more possibilities open to you but without making a decision you do not progress onto something new.

Also a similar thing applies for opinions/views. Although it is great to be open minded, sometimes to get anywhere in trying  you have to form some sort of viewpoint. You need some kind of basic theoretical understanding to act as a foundation so you can use the understanding in useful ways although a belief (a strong view) may limit you from correcting the theory. A very broad example would be your world view, which is your overall perspective on the world and life. This may help you decide how you act and act a bit like your guiding principles.

Differences in perspective -short post

Different people view things from a different perspective. Even if they are looking at the same thing they look at it differently and make different judgements a bit like looking at the same tree from a different place.With a piece of art, some may interpret a certain colour of blue as being similar to the sky and others may think of something completely different.The differences go even further of course if you look at the differences between the way animals view things, a cat may see a ball of wool and see it as fun to play with, whereas a dog may see it as a still, boring object. But even between one species that will vary, each individual is unique.. (I love cats and dogs they are so cute.)