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Untangle the emotional feelings that are tightly tied together, holding in. release them, understand them. express them fully. examine the relations you have and let go when you need to, don’t hold onto the rope when you don’t need to, be loose, be free. know you worth it. that you are great. that you can hold yourself.



Notice the beauty of things

Take a moment to look at what’s around you. The wonders, the beauty of life. The colours and textures; the sensations and the sounds.

Look everywhere indoors and out. Look carefully. Look at the sky, the horizon and the land. There is always something wonderful, if you can see it, even the darkest moments may have something within them.

World as an extention of the body or self/world as a unifed whole

Do you see yourself completely separate from nature and the world overall?

The body is an exchange of things so is life in general. Countries exchange culture, ideas and physical goods. Nature works in a interlinked system.

So perhaps one (many others) useful way of looking at the world is an extension of the self? The world can also be seen as one unified whole and body.

Question about time

There is a good argument to keep looking at your mobile phone all the time and not always having it on as it is a distraction. Can this apply to other things as well such as watches. Is constantly checking the time actually preventing you from living in the present moment and focusing on whats there? That is an important question to ask.

Time is something that seems to keep you confined in a certain way, I guess a bit like a box but one that seems to change some ways overtime without you being completely free from the box. I’m not saying ignore time but to enjoy what is around you before its gone.


Sometimes it is interesting to think about how different people think about the same thing differently. One example I learnt for geography at uni (which is quite an interesting example from the geo perspective so I will repeat it and add to it) was how someone could see a forest or woodland in different ways. It could be seen as a resource, or a place of biodiversity, or a place where you can go on walks or outdoor pursuits or a place of memories or somewhere isolated at night.

photo credit: _opia via photopin (license)

photo credit: _opia via photopin (license)

Perception of course varies more than that. As I mentioned previously on this blog language is one thing the affects perception e.g. how you see colours. But there are of course physical differences in people that will affect how somebody sees something, Synesthesia (wikipedia link) is one interesting occurrence in some people.

Rant- consumerism

Some rather consume pre made material e.g. tv programmes than entertain themselves.  Creativity isn’t something emphasised at school (unless of course it is art or similar) or actually generally in many places, or is that my feeling ? People need to be taught to think for themselves and form their own understanding of the world. It is important in life to create new original things and to bring a part of yourself to the things you do. Like in the way parts of your home may represent you or the art you make.

It’s not just creativity (bringing together different aspects and creating something new) but lack of activity. People prefer passiveness because it is easier for them. Also a fair number of people tend to follow the crowd i.e. act like sheep, but they compromise on their individuality. Is that what you want? A fake robotic like act for a life who parrots other people or those who act as “leaders” (not of the positive sense). And all the cattle like passivity makes you a target for/but also perhaps a result of the consumeristic society (actually maybe they just reinforce each other), well a target for companies looking to make money, they may not mean any harm but they will do there best to get people buying, I guess that is in fact related to how the current economic system works in some part.

photo credit: Welsh Coast via photopin (license)

photo credit: Welsh Coast via photopin (license)