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Giving and taking

Exchanges continously happen in life between people or things. People give and take all the time. When we buy things for example this is quite an obvious form of exchange represented through money. Gift giving is another. Also when friends help each other though not always equally. There are other examples however relating to how we take things in the enviroment and how we give back though unfortunately people often take too much.

Even breathing is a form of exchange. It is important to see how interlinked everything really is and I think if more people recognised this then we would treat the enviroment better.


Loneliness in the crowd

Recently I’ve been feeling a bit low and sad although perhaps an improvement over what I have felt in the not so long ago past. But what concerned me the most were the people around me. This is a little post on this.

People often influence what you do. Also when you want connection you usually seek it from people .So many people who are dulled out and that I find it hard to relate with. There are many people who are not worth spending time with and don’t really contribute to anything plus probably wouldn’t be able to relate to me either. Especially where I am at now (where people are even duller and seem to have a lack) the people I am required to associate with are often a drag on me and not a very good role models either.

The feeling of loneliness in the crowd is real. But the feeling that bugs me the most is that one of rejection. When you feel unwanted.

I do think to myself, right well don’t overthink all this just accept it. But having to deal with it all the time does make me sorta want to hide from the world further. I’ve already dealt with similar feelings in the past but it does get to me this, because I do try and reach out to people, but when that isn’t accepted it sorta bounces back to you as a feeling of disappointment. And each time I probably lose more composure and feel worse though the upside is more resilience (and my secondary school used to repeat over and over).

I suppose though challenges in life are good to some extent. But I guess isolation is after a while lonely especially when you don’t have other things to occupy you and after a while losing touch with things.

I’d say what is important though is finding connection to the self and enjoying life.

The opportunities and freedom you gain being alone are great. Like taking a quiet walk, observing things that others might not notice and going to places you want to go to.Sure there are missed opportunities with not being with people I suppose but you know if the people you could of been with are not worth it you probably aren’t missing anything and often people put up a facade. If drinking, doing drugs, listening to loud music are your game then  I rather not be involved.

World as an extention of the body or self/world as a unifed whole

Do you see yourself completely separate from nature and the world overall?

The body is an exchange of things so is life in general. Countries exchange culture, ideas and physical goods. Nature works in a interlinked system.

So perhaps one (many others) useful way of looking at the world is an extension of the self? The world can also be seen as one unified whole and body.

Enjoying nature, walking and..

Walking through the forest and seeing the birds in the trees, the light that is scattered through the leaves and the bright clear sky. When you hear and see the cold breeze move autumn leaves along and when you watch the time go from day to night.  When your sitting on the open hills to watch the clouds move slowly and gently. When you walk along not knowing exactly where your going to end up but feel an exciting thrill about it. When you do not know what tomorrow will bring. When you feel as if the seasons are changing from autumn to winter gradually.


Consumerism (branding), materialism and self identity

One of the issues people like to talk about is consumerism. It is something we can see in everyday life like in the supermarkets, the streets and even in your own home. People can start identifying themselves with brands to create a self identity. A brand doesn’t even have to be associated with a physical item, it could be just a celebrity.  And actually something doesn’t even needed to be branded, a certain item can seem to represent you e.g. the trainers you wear (whether they are branded or not). But when it comes to buying items, especially clothes are you just buying them for the image they represent? Are you just buying them to fill a void in your life? Do you think if you had less items you would still be able to feel a sense of identity?

In fact it is important to question where your self identity comes from generally. Does it come from your friends, or other things in the environment around you like nature? (one interesting finding is that as consumerism increases people care less about nature.)

I wrote a post based around consumerism like a week or so ago. It was written a bit all over the place (it was a rant after all) but it compliments this one. Hopefully not too many rhetorical questions here lol

Rant- consumerism

Some rather consume pre made material e.g. tv programmes than entertain themselves.  Creativity isn’t something emphasised at school (unless of course it is art or similar) or actually generally in many places, or is that my feeling ? People need to be taught to think for themselves and form their own understanding of the world. It is important in life to create new original things and to bring a part of yourself to the things you do. Like in the way parts of your home may represent you or the art you make.

It’s not just creativity (bringing together different aspects and creating something new) but lack of activity. People prefer passiveness because it is easier for them. Also a fair number of people tend to follow the crowd i.e. act like sheep, but they compromise on their individuality. Is that what you want? A fake robotic like act for a life who parrots other people or those who act as “leaders” (not of the positive sense). And all the cattle like passivity makes you a target for/but also perhaps a result of the consumeristic society (actually maybe they just reinforce each other), well a target for companies looking to make money, they may not mean any harm but they will do there best to get people buying, I guess that is in fact related to how the current economic system works in some part.

photo credit: Welsh Coast via photopin (license)

photo credit: Welsh Coast via photopin (license)