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Fear of creativity

Often in many ways rigidity is promoted a lot and a distancing to creativity. My view is a fear or just inability of the mixing of things, for example gender stereotypes are often used to categorise opposites. The bible also for example forbids hybrids. Things are kept separate and binary. People see in black and white and so only one or the other. Things can’t randomly come together and interrelate. Things are seen through differences rather than similarities.

Its hard not to succumb to the idea of solid categories which are kept separate from each other. You think a chair is for sitting on but you forget, maybe there are other uses? Could it be there to make a sculpture or a fort? Or maybe you could make a chair that is also a table. Its important also to experiment and look for new things or new uses.

It is hard when repeatedly creativity is stifled by forcing you into a box or mold so you can’t grow in certain directions and your mind set becomes more narrow and less here and there.



Untangle the emotional feelings that are tightly tied together, holding in. release them, understand them. express them fully. examine the relations you have and let go when you need to, don’t hold onto the rope when you don’t need to, be loose, be free. know you worth it. that you are great. that you can hold yourself.


Abstract forms and nature

We can see everything as abstract forms. The abstract components that make up life become connected, or you could say these abstract entities become stringed together. However I wouldn’t say these are real at all. Just another ‘fake’ way of seeing things but interesting at least.

We can see also that in the same way that people seem to function collection of objects, places can gain a sense of body where different parts become specialised over others and work together. Also these things form connections with other things and interlink. Nothing is not linked in someway even if indirectly.

We can see people as having different frequencies different skews different -orientations-
abstract wavelengths that do and reach different states and equilibriums of some kind (balanced or imbalanced).
When organisation is added to this chaos gives power to a controlled enity unit.
This organisation great and powerful and has far reach and power as it travels through and connects its components. This strength is good but can be harmful in removing independence and overtly controlling ‘the other’. Freedom of thought is important and to do what you want to do without always having others dictate this so you can take your own flow with things, even though influence from others can be useful too in some cases to change your direction.

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The case against materialism

Materialistic lifestyles are encouraged in a culture which thrives on consumerism.


In a capitalistic society ideas get marketed as products and physical items. We go beyond the need to just buy the necessities plus perhaps the occasional luxuries and buy into all these products. It’s for the lifestyle it brings and the social status. Its these beliefs and views we gain that we want

We can look in ourselves and ideas within rather than buy stuff to fulfil a non-physical need or void in us. We can look to societal/intellectual constructs to help us in life which you could say as certain bits forms/aspects of “culture”. Although people say that culture is brainwashing. Yes many aspects are so to be avoided e.g. tv shows promoting ideologies of how to act in a subtle way without you even noticing. However some forms of music and art that a generated from cultural ideas are very interesting to look at. We can say experiences we gain are important because we learn from them that includes visiting new places (or old places again too of course).


Saying all this sometimes items do have a purpose in life, such as creative purposes or as non necessary tools its just when people try and use it to directly fill a void in their life or overly consume. More stuff doesn’t directly lead to happiness although yes some stuff is very useful and good or can lead to cool opportunities and fun things. Or intellectual stimulation.



The world

Sometimes the idea of becoming disillusioned with the world comes to my mind.

But what do I even mean by this?

Quoting  Merriam-Webster dictionary website


“having lost faith or trust in something : disappointed that something is not as good, valuable, true, etc., as it had seemed”

So I guess its like a false promise that the world brings. That it’s meant to be better but it doesn’t hold up to expectations etc.

People think oh life was better when i was younger without the harsh realities and similar.

Now I think society as it is.. well I guess there is plenty of room for improvement. A few things come to mind.

Popular culture has shallowness with celebrity cults sorta like idols to focus yourselves away. Creativity isn’t valued so much, maybe because it doesn’t seem to be as practical and more novel. Now that not necessarily true at least in all cases. Creativity can be used to think up solutions to problems and bring change. Though I guess people fear change. Plus those above don’t want to lose power. Consumerism of course wants people to buy things to feel supposed needs.

Other key issues include environmental destruction, loss of connection, laziness through technology, inequality and you get the idea.

It’s not good to dwell on it too much either but there are many things that seem wrong. But of course most of these things a human created problems. The environment itself may have natural disasters but we have the technology to prevent them. We treat the environment like something to take advantage of and yes we can use it but balance is necessary.

I guess the solution is that people come to get and find a way to address problems at the root. Rather than just on the surface.

The furries and being yourself

Anthropomorphism is nothing weird and considered a innate human characteristic. The furry fandom is all about anthro-animals, often these people have fursonas. Some people see the furry fandom as a way of expressing themselves. There maybe many who are not identifying with their own gender, stereotypes, have a differing sexuality or are different in another sense. Of course there may be people in the fandom for other reasons too. But as the number of LGBT+ type people/ alternatives in the fandom suggests this is a large factor.

There are some people may go as far as saying she/he is a otherkin or a therian or perhaps even transpecies (well I see the word around I don’t know if anyone identifies with it). This is technically not part of the fandom but some people may be a furry and also identify with one of these labels though I would say they don’t really make much sense. But its understandable that animals help people get to know themselves better and have a sense of identity. A person doesn’t necessarily have to look like a human, but still can be.





critique of feminism

Since women gained more legal rights moved on to focus on other areas of inequality. Sure there is much inequality everywhere cases of rape, domestic violence and work place inequality (well depends on the job). To be fair many of the statements made may be true and I would agree with. But this movement can be heavily criticised depending on which type of feminism, I will just generalise here. These are just thoughts and not facts please don’t take them at face value. I may of made some mistakes or misleading statements etc.
1 double standards sexually objectifying men is ok, domestic violence against men is ignored.
2 femininity is bad?
no they never say it is bad but the fact is the idea of developing masculine qualities is emphasised. this may be good but we need balance, and the good points of femininity need to be emphasised sometimes
Also it depends upon the person what you do in life so a movement telling you what to do is silly. And its important to encourage everyone both genders (and inbetween) to embrace a good balance of these supposed qualities of feminine and masculine. We are aiming for a good balance in all individuals and a better society. If anything equalism is better although of course nothing is 100% equal so the term could still be misleading.
3 need to be tough and head of a cooperation. Well the idea of ruling with strength is all around us, how about a little more “ruling with kindness”. Some feminists may encourage this of course. But the fact is that the people who are in supporting roles are ignored, is supporting bad is it really weaker? Sometimes we need to look below to see something special in a good sense. (And really everyone is special) And the idea that wow women are weak and can’t do things is always implied.
4 men are oppressors? Sure this may be the case in many cases but not always are the weaker ones the victims or the victims may be victimising themselves. They may pretend to be weak to get attention. Also it is in your own strength to stand for yourself this may be seen in feminism sometimes but not enough.
5 What is gender? Those who have qualities inbetween, opposite/different are ignored.
6 the movement ignores those in other countries who are oppressed seriously.
I will add more when I think of some perhaps
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