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When things blend into each other, like a dream like reality. Things seem to be real and yet not. You see it but is it really there. Are you awake? Or are you dreaming.


Question about time

There is a good argument to keep looking at your mobile phone all the time and not always having it on as it is a distraction. Can this apply to other things as well such as watches. Is constantly checking the time actually preventing you from living in the present moment and focusing on whats there? That is an important question to ask.

Time is something that seems to keep you confined in a certain way, I guess a bit like a box but one that seems to change some ways overtime without you being completely free from the box. I’m not saying ignore time but to enjoy what is around you before its gone.

Enjoying nature, walking and..

Walking through the forest and seeing the birds in the trees, the light that is scattered through the leaves and the bright clear sky. When you hear and see the cold breeze move autumn leaves along and when you watch the time go from day to night.  When your sitting on the open hills to watch the clouds move slowly and gently. When you walk along not knowing exactly where your going to end up but feel an exciting thrill about it. When you do not know what tomorrow will bring. When you feel as if the seasons are changing from autumn to winter gradually.



Sometimes it is interesting to think about how different people think about the same thing differently. One example I learnt for geography at uni (which is quite an interesting example from the geo perspective so I will repeat it and add to it) was how someone could see a forest or woodland in different ways. It could be seen as a resource, or a place of biodiversity, or a place where you can go on walks or outdoor pursuits or a place of memories or somewhere isolated at night.

photo credit: _opia via photopin (license)

photo credit: _opia via photopin (license)

Perception of course varies more than that. As I mentioned previously on this blog language is one thing the affects perception e.g. how you see colours. But there are of course physical differences in people that will affect how somebody sees something, Synesthesia (wikipedia link) is one interesting occurrence in some people.

Changing the world is everyday

“Hey I enjoy making a difference to the world don’t you?” I want to change the world may be an overused statement in some ways or a wish that is not achieved. But of course life is an ever changing experience in which everyone is able to create some kind of change in so in one sense everyone is making a difference to the world by just being there.

Rather than following others create your own culture, express your own views. There are many ways to get creative out there and that doesn’t just include creating things traditionally thought of as art. You can still entertain yourself without always going back to tv. Entertain can mean “to give attention or consideration to (an idea, suggestion, or feeling)” and you do not need tv to do that.

Best to mostly avoid the status quo as it is full of followers, be a lion and not a sheep. Stand for yourself.

Try out new things, the best way is to go out into the world and explore. For that you may need to overcome fear, laziness and self limiting beliefs but it is worth it.

People naturally influence others around them and by standing for yourself you naturally make the world a better place. Your worth isn’t determined by what others think of you (though it is still good to treat others well of course). It is cool to be true to who you are.


photo credit: IMG_4567-1-4 via photopin (license)

Language affects the way you think

Language is thought to affect the way you think. I question whether there are enough words to express how I am truly feeling or thinking and if speaking English enforces certain ways of thinking on yourself and others.

There was an experiment in which (to roughly describe) people who could speak both Japanese and English were interviewed twice came up with different answers for the same question. {If you are interested you may like to google it.} This suggests that there is a certain views attached to the language already.

This experiment I think is less likely to work on other languages (although it may still work between an a more western country vs more eastern country) since Japan has quite a unique culture, being an island nation and it being very isolated this perhaps this makes the language quite different from many. Also Japanese as a language is more limited in terms of certain kinds words such as it not having a proper word for no for use in everyday situations just a more ambiguous word for no. The more important/common words in the language may effect how the person thinks and says, almost like the culture is inbuilt into the language.

I guess this language limitation is something that occasionally bothers me, I often try to think sentences out a lot or make up words and at extreme times mess up my grammar on purpose for no reason (or probably just for fun or because I’m bored or something like that.)

Slang is a way to add some more interest to your sentences. Because those words are quite interesting or expressive you could say ha ha although they sound better mostly when younger people use it. Also you can borrow words from other languages or use other languages within your language too to improve it. English as a language has it pros and cons but I guess as a language that I’m used to it is okay and quite cool even though there a many unnecessary grammar rules.


photo credit: Niecieden via photopin cc

Language can be limiting sometimes

So sometimes I sit and think of which words I can use to describe a certain something, but I just can’t find them. Many words aren’t specific enough, or have certain “stereotypes” or connotations attached to them that wouldn’t be there if you didn’t put that experience or thought into words. It is hard to just make up words and just use them though I suppose onamatopia type words could be made but otherwise in most cases it isn’t very easy to, but you could “borrow” a foreign word, use another word in a slang type way etc.

If you speak a different language sometimes you will find there are lots of useful words in that language that don’t exist in another and vice versa. Also the culture in which you speak that language may have different connotations attached to the words though I don’t know if those would actually affect anyone if they were speaking that language not where it is normally spoken though often language can come with culture (but then language may even shape the way people think).

Language is needed but sometimes I wish it was easier and more flexible to use. It would be nicer if language evolved more quickly and was more open with the ways you can construct sentences (but hopefully fairly straightforward and not too hard to learn at least at the basic level.)