Monthly Archives: January 2015

Decision making

Decision making is an important skill. Sometimes you have to make a decision to move on from something even though you don’t know what decision to make. Sure before you make that decision you may feel like there are more possibilities open to you but without making a decision you do not progress onto something new.

Also a similar thing applies for opinions/views. Although it is great to be open minded, sometimes to get anywhere in trying  you have to form some sort of viewpoint. You need some kind of basic theoretical understanding to act as a foundation so you can use the understanding in useful ways although a belief (a strong view) may limit you from correcting the theory. A very broad example would be your world view, which is your overall perspective on the world and life. This may help you decide how you act and act a bit like your guiding principles.



Happy new year everyone! Each and every new year signifies both an end and a new beginning.The new year can be a good time for change hence people have new years resolutions, but it is also great to look back at what has already passed. Let’s not forget that everyday is a good time for change as everyday is a new beginning and every moment you experience is technically new.

Some of the most interesting things that have happened in the world in 2014 in my opinion include…. oh wait I can’t really remember what happened last year exactly ha ha. I will look them up later. For me 2014 has been pretty eventful.