Consumerism (branding), materialism and self identity

One of the issues people like to talk about is consumerism. It is something we can see in everyday life like in the supermarkets, the streets and even in your own home. People can start identifying themselves with brands to create a self identity. A brand doesn’t even have to be associated with a physical item, it could be just a celebrity.  And actually something doesn’t even needed to be branded, a certain item can seem to represent you e.g. the trainers you wear (whether they are branded or not). But when it comes to buying items, especially clothes are you just buying them for the image they represent? Are you just buying them to fill a void in your life? Do you think if you had less items you would still be able to feel a sense of identity?

In fact it is important to question where your self identity comes from generally. Does it come from your friends, or other things in the environment around you like nature? (one interesting finding is that as consumerism increases people care less about nature.)

I wrote a post based around consumerism like a week or so ago. It was written a bit all over the place (it was a rant after all) but it compliments this one. Hopefully not too many rhetorical questions here lol


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